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THRUST - Harvest Of Souls

Release date April 27, 2018 (Pure Steel Records)

Back in 1984 my brother brought home Thrust’s first full length album Fist Held High. Although the music was typical for metal of the era, and not half bad, I just wasn’t a fan of the vocals and only gave it a handful of spins. I can’t recall my brother listening to it much either, and given that their second album didn’t come out for another 18 years, it is safe to say that Fist Held High still sits in my brother’s vinyl collection, probably in pristine, under-played, condition.

Fast forward to 2018 and Thrust have released their fourth full length, Harvest of Souls. Although only guitarist Ron Cooke remains from the original band, little has changed….I still don’t like the vocals! To be fair, vocalist Eric Claro doesn’t have a bad set of pipes, but I can’t get past the way he holds notes, over-emoting '80s style, at the end of every line of lyrics.

On the whole, this is an offering of traditional heavy metal that holds true to the form as it was 30 years ago, but with some necessary updates on the sound. Stand out tracks include “Sorceress”, “Shadow of the Cross” and “One Step from the Grave”. A couple of the tracks are a little uninspired (“Possessed” in particular), but if you really like traditional, old school heavy metal, add half a point.


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