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ABIGAIL - Far East Black Metal Onslaught

Release date August 7/18 (Helldprod)

Black metal. Punk. Thrash. Mix together and you get Japan's Abigail. Together since 1992 and having issued six full lengths, Far East Black Metal Onslaught is yet another EP to be added to the list of their innumerable EP, split and live releases. This one contains four rip-roaring tracks of off-the-rails black metal punk, high on energy and low on fidelity.

The best description of this would be to imagine an unholy alliance between Midnight and old Venom, recorded on the cheap with a strangled Quorthon vocal ranting about beer, whiskey and Satan. Unhinged, unruly and unrepentant, Abigail is like that alcoholic uncle of yours who gets more and more belligerent as the evening wears on. In a word - fun.


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