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VOMITOR - Pestilent Death

Release date April 20/18 (Hells Headbangers)

Some way cool death/thrash out of Australia here. Old school thrash influences abound - a rough'n'ready early Sodom/Kreator attack, some Whiplash referenced guitar-focused riffage, Slayer dive-bomb solos and rhythmic pounding of early Sepultura can all be found. Add some Schmier-like banshee yelps from vocalist Death Dealer and there you've touched on some of the best thrash outfits of all time.

Vomitor have been at this since 1999 though, so stifle those cries of appropriation, will ya? They've earned the right to fly the old school flag. This being their fifth full length in their 19-year career, it is one that hardcore thrashers will immediately embrace. High energy from first note to last, there is no respite from their attack. It may not be original, but it hits the intended target dead centre. Time to raise that flag of hate, yet again.


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