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DEATHSTORM - Reaping What Is Left

Release date May 25/18 (High Roller)

I'm joining the rising resistance of those who oppose the inclusion of useless album intros. It's way overdone and often fails to set the appropriate mood for the music that follows. Unfortunately, Reaping What Is Left falls into this trap, the "horror" keyboard intro by no means matching what Deathstorm are about.

Stepping off the soap box and moving on, Austrian thrashers Deathstorm play a hard-charging version of the form, mixing Slayer-inspired riffage and soloing with the catchy power-thrash of Destructor. A way cool amalgam of sounds for sure, Mac's coherent vocals prove to be a highlight on this, their third full length. At times spitting out a desperate Martin Van Drunen-style roar, while at other times barking out dire warnings that bring Chuck Schuldiner to mind, his work really helps in propelling this album along.

If you're a fan of hard, well recorded thrash, Reaping What Is Left should be added to your 'check-out' list. Sweat-inducing good fun.


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