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TSJUDER - Throne Of The Goat

Release date June 8/18 (Season Of Mist)

Re-recording material is a tricky proposition; it risks upsetting a band's core fans who embraced the original material. I can only think of one re-recording that I reach for over the original (that being Teenage Head With Marky Ramone, a best-of re-recording with the ex-Ramones skinsman), the other releases being relegated to the dust bin.

Which brings us to Tsjuder's risky re-recording of their Throne Of The Goat first EP. While having heard some of Tsjuder's discography, this was my first opportunity to hear the EP (in either form), so when reviewing this I was not encumbered with the 'how-dare-you' thought process noted above. Smart move to include both versions of the EP, so that people who haven't heard the original can judge for themselves.

The EP is made up of an intro and outro (both short) and two main tracks. In its original form, 'Intro' is a noisy, incomprehensible throw-away, but in its new form is a more effective mood setter - clearly superior. The title track follows, a blistering black metal assault which was originally delivered with raw second-wave anti-fidelity, now presented with clarity, allowing the complex chord progression to shine. Both work just fine - call it a saw-off. 'Dying Spirits' follows in a more wall-of-sound approach before up-ratcheting on the speed factor. Similar to the title track, both have their strengths, with no clear winner. 'Outro' concludes the package in an eerie manner, all jangly guitar and backwards-masked vocals, both being delivered similarly.

So - final verdict? I can see myself playing both versions of this EP, depending on my mood at the time. If I want some raw, bestial black metal I'll take the original for a spin, while if I'm in the mood for some more modern sounding vicious BM, the new version will please just fine. Great package.


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