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CANDLEMASS - House Of Doom

Release date May 25/18 (Napalm)

34 years into their career, doom masters Candlemass introduce yet another lead vocalist (their 7th) with this 4-track EP. Opening with the epic, 6-minute title track, the main riff finds the lads in relatively high-tempo mode (for a doom band) with a catchy chorus that slays. Some church-inspired organ work is introduced mid-point, before some fiery lead guitar leads us to the lumbering conclusion. Great start. The other highlight track is the somber 'Fortuneteller', a cautionary tale about visiting psychics, made haunting by some fine acoustic guitar and a great vocal from new boy Mats Leven. The remaining two tracks are also fine examples of doom, the upbeat 'Flowers Of Deception' and the slow-marched instrumental 'Dolls On A Wall'.

Candlemass once again make the case that they are one of the elite of the sub-genre with this high quality, well recorded release. How they keep coming up with such monstrous material, not to mention yet another great vocalist, remains a mystery. The only complaint I have is that it's only an EP. Give us more next time!


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