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BLOOD TSUNAMI - Grave Condition

Release date April 27/18 (Soulseller)

Norwegian thrashers Blood Tsunami storm out of the gate with three intense tracks, making slight references to Slayer in its high-octane attack. 'Gargoyle' subsequently slows down the pace somewhat, allowing vocalist Pete Evil's gruff vocals and some fine fretwork to come to the fore, evoking a Midnight reference. Definitely a highlight. However, the band lose their way somewhat in the mid-section, both 'Acid King' and 'The Cruel Leading The Fool' failing to inspire or keep up the momentum.

That said, Blood Tsunami more than make up for the slight downward trajectory with a remarkable three song conclusion that slays. 'In The Dungeon Of Rats' and 'For Faen Haelvete' both being thrash metal perfection, ripping new ones in a savage display of intense speed. The album closes out with an interesting take on 'Steel Meets' Steel' from Onslaught's Power From Hell opus.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable pure thrash metal stormer for hardcore purists.

Note: Faust (ex-Emperor) provides the drumming.


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