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QUASARBORN - The Odyssey To Room 101

Release date May 18/18 (Self Released)

I approach technical thrash with some caution, finding that a lot of bands of the genre throw too many riffs into the mix, making assimilation of the material nearly impossible. Luckily for us, this debut full length from Serbian unit Quasarborn doesn't fall into this trap. While there are plenty of times where the lads display their technical virtuosity, the main focus here remains on the songs.

This is thrash for purists, with the rhythm section really pounding out a heaving, solid core, over which the lead guitarist adroitly and intermittently plays. Some subtle melodic and acoustic sections are introduced as well, offsetting the rhythmic heaviness. (Check out the quasi-flamenco-inspired acoustic guitar section of 'Transcendence' - wow!) The active bass, pushed high in the mix, and some harried riffage, provides the album with Overkill and early Destruction reference points. Additionally, the nasally hysterical vocals, delivered in spit-it-out fashion, refer to John Connelly of Nuclear Assault fame. This isn't mimicry though, not by a long shot. Quasarborn display some influences, but they are a unique sounding entity.

This is one professional sounding new unit, that has chops and taste up the wazoo. Good stuff.


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