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GOAT DISCIPLE - Wolfcult Domination

Release date June 15/18 (Blood Harvest)

Goat Disciple practice the fine art of war metal, so expect some extreme bludgeoning when approaching this 4-track, 23-minute debut EP. Laying down the speed-infatuated cover fire thick and heavy, these Salt Lake City-based dudes eschew all melody and inflict maximum carnage instead. Their core sound would best be described as swirling, buzzing riffage akin to Angelcorpse careening about madly, interrupted every-once-in-a-while by some dive bombing, slug-paced doom sections.

Pummeling to the extreme, your innards are left bruised and battered after a loud listening session (which is the only way to listen to war metal after all!).

One slight drawback though are the vocals. A mix of gremlin and guttural death gargle buried deep in the mix, they are appropriate for the material, but not as high caliber as the music itself. Regardless, Wolfcult Domination should cause war metal fans to know that a new entity has joined the combat. Already looking forward to hear where they take us with their next assault.


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