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Release date May 25/17 (Nuclear Blast)

At their best, Graveyard mines the same territory that Earthless pursued on their Black Heaven opus earlier this year. Rocking mightily with great riffs and plenty of over-the-top lead guitar, a psychedelic haze wafting from its midst, this is some way cool hard rock (refer opener 'It Ain't Over Yet', 'A Sign Of Peace' and the boogie-fied 'Please Don't'). However, Graveyard lay off the pedal more often than Earthless, making this a more laid-back offering.

'See The Day' is a short stroll down a forlorn path, a memorable piece of wimphem, while 'Walk On' goes straight-up classic rock and 'Del Manic' refers to the Doors. Joakim Nilsson's vocals fit like a glove here, his slightly rough and smokey vocals inviting you to share a bonfire and beer with the lads. The more listens you give Peace, the more you're drawn to its subtle charms.

Personally would have preferred a little more fire in the belly though, some more extended hard rockin', but there's no disputing that these Swedes know how to write catchy hard and classic rock. Impressive.


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