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WITCH MOUNTAIN - Witch Mountain

Release date May 25/18 (Svart)

Not sure what's up with the recent spate of female fronted doom metal records, but here we have another one from Portland's Witch Mountain. These folks come by it honestly though, having had a female lead singer for 10 years (of their 20 year existence). That being said, this is the first album featuring Kayla Dixon at the mic, and she nails it. Able to emote, croon and rasp, while staying within the parameters of each song, she is the highlight of the fifth full-length from this band.

Unfortunately, doom metal lives and dies on the strength of its riffs, and here Witch Mountain struggle somewhat. Not bad by any stretch, but they lack force and conviction, leaving this a little light in the loafers. The production doesn't do them any favors either, lacking that stomach churning low end blubber that makes doom so effective. Concluding with the two weakest tracks (one a short ballad and the other a 14-minute epic that overstays its welcome) hinders the project too. Some great lead guitar work though.


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