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FLAME ACAUSAL - Contra Mundum In Aeturnum

Release date May 18/18 (Blood Harvest)

After a short classical intro, Sweden's Flame Acausal come out all-guns-a-blazing on this 4-track demo ... and never relent. Seemingly falling all over each other in a race to get to Lucifer's gate first, the threesome pummel the hell out of their instruments on opener 'Inwards Damnation'. Making the track even more ominous, they double (triple ?) track vocals, lending them a ghostly/haunted quality. And on the vicious assault continues throughout its short, but devastating, length.

Truly OTT ('over the top' for you neophytes) in its violent black metal assault, the threesome insert needles in ears and then gleefully probe deeper throughout its 15-minutes of aural abuse. Ears will bleed.


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