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ZEKE - Hellbender

Release date Mar 30/18 (Relapse)

Zeke are often labelled as a hardcore punk band, while others cast them as a punk'n'roll outfit ... or the inebriated offspring of Motorhead. If the latter is true, Lemmy always stated that his band played rock'n'roll, which then means that Zeke play really, really fast rock'n'roll. Imagine 'Overkill' (the song) fastened with a souped-up engine, then sent careening about a race course with a driver hellbent on testing the limits of the car's endurance. There you have the Zeke experience.

15 songs, all under 2 minutes (some under a minute), it could be argued that Zeke's latest full length (their first in 13 years) could be categorized as a new energy source. Plug this baby in and you receive an immediate bolt of juice that will jack you up, forcing you to get off your ass for some righteous headbanging and air guitarin'. Perfect for your next cardio workout - good luck keeping up with the pace though.

After multiple listening sessions, the initial shock of the over-the-top velocity wears off and your senses are capable of breaking down individual songs. Incredibly, there are nuances within the blitzkrieg, each song having its own character. This elite package of caffeinated roadsters is right up there with the best of Zeke's recorded discography (98's Kicked In The Teeth and 01's Death Alley). Buy, buy, buy.


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