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INISANS - Transition

Release date April 6/18 (Blood Harvest)

This debut full length from Swedish death metal merchants Inisans is certainly not for the timid. The band spends most of its time in heads-down pummel mode on this grueling 7-track, 29-minute release, with dual rhythm guitar runs interspersed to keep you on your toes. Bellows-from-hell vocals, that sound like they could swallow you whole if one were to approach too closely, along with chicken scratch, Slayer-inspired lead guitar solos are also incorporated into the assault. The production places the guitars up front, while drums-of-death hammer underneath, altogether providing a sound that is both swirling and punishing. Ultimately, Inisans comes across like a less-blackened Angelcorpse, crossed with Krisiun. Fine shoulders to rub with, for sure.

While not introducing anything new to the genre, Transition meets all of its expectations and makes for a good rowdy listen. Incessant, speed infatuated, crushing death for purists. (Highlighted tracks: 'Demon Wings', 'Cavern Of Covenant' and 'Void Walker'.)


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