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Release date April 13/18 (Svart)

Are you the type who likes having someone shout in your face, spittle flying everywhere, while a bunch of dudes sporting mohawks dish out mean sounding hardcore punk as accompaniment? Maailmanloppu welcomes you to this world on their sophomore album - made even more endearing through the use of incomprehensible Finnish lyrics. Most tracks run under two minutes, taking the 'get in and get out quick' approach, abusing a vicious riff until they decide to stop and take a drag.

Some will complain about this being one-dimensional, but I would argue contrarily on two fronts. First, the band add a few change-ups here; 'Sairas Valtakunta' goes all old-school punk, sounding like something off the almighty Never Mind The Bullocks, Here's The Sex Pistols, while 'Yksin' is a pulsating rocker (albeit with horrendous vocals). Secondly, hardcore punk isn't about variation, it's about over-the-top energy levels meant to be felt viscerally. And there's no doubt that Tuhon koodi meets those expected hc punk standards.

Simple, but effective aggression for aggression's sake. Fans of The Varukers, Vulgar Deli and Lapin Helveti need to check this out. (Prime cuts - 'Huominen', 'Laumasielut' and 'Taskanhuutoja'.)


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