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DEMONICAL - Chaos Manifesto

Release date March 23/18 (Agonia)

Ah, that unmistakable Swedish death metal guitar tone. Immediately identifiable, the down-tuned wattage rumbles deep in the belly, churning up yesterday's vittles into a vile mass of excretion. Other than helping with any constipation issues you may have, it can also be a great way to rattle your brain.

Which takes us to the fifth full length from Demonical, made up of ex-members of Centinex. Luckily for us, Chaos Manifesto spends most of its time in glorious old-school, speed infested bludgeoning, with only two (of eight) songs dilly-dallying in mid-tempo. Think up-tempo, slightly melodic Dismember with muscular, guttural death vocals and you'll be in the neighborhood.

Yep, it is most definitely by-the-rules Swe-death that doesn't break ranks, but it will most certainly satisfy fans of the genre. Nothing wrong with that. (Best track - 'Sung To Possess'.)


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