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Top 20 Underrated Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands

There is a preponderance of bands that are criminally underrated/ignored in the world of hard rock and non-extreme heavy metal. Below is a list of the top 20 bands that should have made it to the big leagues.

1. UFO - 'Lonely Heart' from The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent

2. THIN LIZZY - 'Hollywood' from Renegade

3. THE FOUR HORSEMEN - 'Tired Wings' from Nobody Said it Was Easy

4. FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH - 'You Got Livin'' from What's Next

5. HOGJAW - 'I Will Remain' from Rise To The Mountains

6. ANVIL - 'Future Wars' from Forged In Fire

7. RIOT - 'Altar Of The King' from Fire Down Under

8. TYGERS OF PAN TANG - 'Euthanasia' from Wild Cats

9. ROSE TATTOO - 'Astra Wally' from Rose Tattoo

10. GRAND MAGUS - 'Iron Will' from Iron Will

11. HIGH SPIRITS - 'Full Power' from Another Night

12. VARDIS - 'Power Under Foot from The World's Insane

13. SOLSTICE - 'I Am The Hunter' from Death's Crown Is Victory

14. THE RODS - 'Nothing Going On In The City' from The Rods

15. TANK - 'Shellshock' from Filth Hounds Of Hades

16. BLACK STAR RIDERS - 'Testify Or Say Goodbye' from Heavy Fire

17. RAVEN - 'Run Silent, Run Deep' from All For One

18. GODDO - 'So Walk On' from Act Of Goddo

19. AMERICAN DOG - 'Shitkicker' from Foamin' At The Mouth Live

20. BROKEN TEETH - 'Flamethrower'


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