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Release date May 4/18 (Ektro)

Not sure why one-man army Chris Black has decided to issue You Bastard! under the Professor Black moniker given its similarity to his High Spirits vehicle. We're talking up-tempo, rockin' metal with melodic guitar weaving throughout, and memorable choruses for miles. Perfect for those beer-fogged Friday nights, four of the six tracks on this EP remind you why you've invested so much time and passion in the mighty decibel in the first place.

Unfortunately, the other two other tracks don't quite live up to the High Spirits quality barometer ... perhaps explaining why this has has been issued under the other moniker. 'I've Had Enough' overstays its welcome, riding a simple riff for too long, and, while 'Closer To The Blade' fares better, it still fails to cause a rise in blood pressure.

You Bastard! is an enjoyable enough romp and a reminder of Chris Black's excellence, but hopefully is simply a stop gap before the next High Spirits full length feast.

Note: I just heard back from Chris. Good news - he has confirmed that High Spirits is indeed alive and well.


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