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SPEEDCLAW - Beast in The Mist

Release date April 20/18 (Shadow Kingdom)

Out of Croatia comes Speedclaw, bringing speed metal salutations with this sophomore mini LP. Containing five tracks of youthful energy (not including a throwaway instrumental intro), their love of NWOBHM and speed metal is obvious and infectious.

Three of the five tracks exceed the six-minute mark, throwing tons of time changes and dual melodic guitar work your way to keep you firmly vested in what's going on. Cutting to the chase though, this is all about the riffs. In this case Speedclaw must have a serious soft spot for Saxon, cause many of these riffs are like love letters to the Barnsley teetotalers, only juiced up and sent speed metal bound, with Maiden dual guitar work sending it home for good measure. Fun, memorable, physical stuff.


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