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Release date April 13/18 (Mondo Macabre)

In my humble opinion, 2012's All Or Nothing is the Pennywise magnum opus, a melodic punk classic which has yet to be touched by any band of the genre some six years on. The marriage of Zoli Teglas' vocals and the veteran rhythm section resulted in an optimal Pennywise sound. It's too bad the combination only generated the one album. An amazing 10/10 release that still finds its way on my death deck frequently.

What has this got to do with Satanic Surfers' Back From Hell release? Well, it just so happens that the Swedish unit have succeeded in putting together what could be called All Or Nothing Part II. Pulsating, upbeat and wired, the tracks snap necks with the same reckless abandon. Track after track of undulated energy roll over the listener, making it an exhausting, but fun, listening experience. However, it is the near identical vocals that seal the comparison (I actually had to check to make sure the vocals weren't from Teglas himself).

Highlights? There are only a couple of duff ones, but I gotta point to the opening one-two punch of 'The Usurper' and 'Catch My Breath', along with the speed infatuated 'Going Nowhere Fast'. Thirteen years in the making, fans of Bad Religion and Pennywise are going to drop a load over this.


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