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VISIGOTH - Conqueror's Oath

Release date Feb 9/18 (Metal Blade)

With the ongoing invention of new sub and sub/sub genres within the heavy metal family tree, it seems that the traditional form often gets ignored. Visigoth is here to combat this transgression, delivering tales of glory through combat. Hail!

Musically you get straight lined metal riffage, complete with clean baritone vocals, incorporating plenty of melodic dual guitar interplay. No, there's nothing new here, but, man, Visigoth do it damn well. Quality is retained from track 1 through the concluding track 9, making this one of the few releases these days that you'll want to imbibe straight through ... over and over again.

Highlights include the uber-catchy 'Warrior Queen', the Maiden-galloped 'Outlive Them All', the epic 'Traitor's Gate' and the headbanging 'Blades In The Night'. File with your Manowar, High Spirits and recent Grand Magus albums.


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