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MORBOSIDAD - Corona de Epidemia

Release date March 15/18 (Nuclear War Now! Productions)

'You want intensity? You can't handle the intensity!' Sorry to screw with Jack Nicholson's famous quip, but I just couldn't help it after digesting this insane full length from black death unit Morbosidad. While the slower passages are cranial damaging in themselves, when the Texans put their heads down and get into blasting mode, watch out! Total head removal stuff. Luckily for us, Morbosidad know which side their bread is buttered, so they spend most of their time in beyond intense high-speed fury.

Embedded within the instrumental assault are the equally oppressive vocals from one Tomas Stench. Sung entirely in Spanish, the scathing verbal abuse that is spewed from his mouth is uncompromising. Sounds like it anyway.

Punishment never felt so good.


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