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SOLSTICE - White Horse Hill

Release date Feb 21/18 (Bandcamp)

The Mighty Decibel's#1 Heavy Metal Album of 2018!!

Originally published Feb 21/18

The receipt of a new Solstice release is a big event at The Mighty Decibel central. As in a put-on-the-headphones-and-shut-out-the-world affair. It's not everyday that you get your hands on an album from your favourite doom metal band after all. For the uninitiated, Solstice hail from the U.K. and they simply ... rule.

Their last two mini-albums, 2013's Death's Crown Is Victory and 2015's To Sol A Thane, both ended up in my top 5 albums of the year, so to say the expectations were high going into this new one would be an understatement. So, what's so great about this band? It might sound trite, but they deliver timeless, arcane doom with truckloads of talent, class and passion.

Which takes us to White Horse Hill. Does it uphold the proud Solstice name? Damn right it does. Taking a cue from early Sabbath rumblings, they use quiet/somber denouements to ensure that the effect of the doom laden riffs from Asgard are multiplied. Beyond the obviously glorious riffs, the guitar tone is spot-on for this type of old school doom and those vocals ? Wow. Paul Thomas Kearns owns the mic here, crooning/emoting/hollering with an unmistakable passion that is contagious. As the songs build to a crescendo, you'll likely find yourself uncontrollably shouting along in unison.

Bottom line - you get 47 minutes of epic, heavy, world class, chest beating doom for your dollar. What are you waiting for?


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