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Release date Feb 9/18 (Ripple Music)

Against The Grain live up to their label's "gear shifting balls to the wall" description on their latest full length. Equally adept at rocking out as they are punking it up or laying down the metal, it's hard to believe that this album was delivered by one band. For example, 'Sacrifice' is pure Motorhead power packed metal up your ass, and 'No Sleep' Zeke's out in high speed hardcore punk fury, while 'Last Chance' and 'High Heeled Woman' refers to Kiss come chorus time. Weird, but mighty fine.

The guitar work is another highlight, with sly references to Tony Iommi and Billy Gibbons thrown in among the copious solos. More tasteful than shredding, including some twin guitar interplay, each solo perfectly matches each track. The solo on 'Devils and Angels' warrants specific attention, an extended emotive solo exquisitely bringing the forlorn rocker to conclusion.

Against The Grain has to be strongly commended for being able to pull off this smorgasbord of sounds, which will appeal to those who enjoy a diverse array of loud genres.


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