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HAR - Visitation

Release date - March 2/18 (Blood Harvest)

Initiating with some eerie sounding middle eastern noise, Tel Aviv's Har spend 18 minutes in setting a foreboding atmosphere on this, their sophomore three track EP. Utilizing a doomed out take on death, along with zombie and black cackle vocals that swirl in and out of the mix, they sure has hell set an otherworldly mood. Sedate and high speeds are leveraged to further ensure that the listener is kept shifting uneasily while trying to ingest this, while a thick glaze to the production brings the danger closer to home. Overall, it creates a unsettling feeling, like having a dream about being abandoned in a dark cave when you know that there's something after you.

While Har are unquestionably successful at setting the eerie atmosphere, and bludgeon effectively at times, can't say that I'll reach for this that often; it's just a little too odd for these ears. Black/death for those who like to hibernate in caves.


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