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VOIDHANGER - Dark Days Of The Soul

Release date - March 2/18 (Agonia)

Poland’s Voidhanger adds to the continuing fragmentation of the extreme metal underground with a release that mixes elements of death, thrash and black metals, along with a healthy dose of d-beat intensity. The first three tracks of this eight-track full length provide good insight into the band’s ability to leverage different sub-genres at will. The opening title track immediately hurtles the listener into a d-beat freight train with a spiralling Slayer-inspired riff come chorus time. Second track ‘Death Wish’ is outright death/thrash, again referencing Slayer, while the third track ‘Naprzod Donikad’ is black/death to the burnt core. Way cool how they are able to incorporate all of these sub-genres within a coherent whole. From a lyrical perspective, Voidhanger go all misanthropic and negative, best represented by ‘War Is Certain, Peace Is Not’ complete with an ‘Attack!!’ rallying cry to ‘kill ‘em all’.

Heavy as concrete, they often use subtle melodic guitar movements within the wall-of-sound maelstrom, making it easier to consume and less one-dimensional. Meanwhile, the vocals are delivered in a hearty roar akin to Entombed A.D.’s LG Petrov in keeping with the overall bludgeoning atmosphere. Heartily agree with the bands description of their music; "Expect nothing but razor sharp riffs, hateful vocals and merciless drumming, that will turn your safe space into dust.” Guess they won’t be getting much air time on campus radio stations.


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