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VOIDCEREMONY - Foul Origins Of Humanity

Release date - Feb 16/18 (Blood Harvest)

Digging Voidceremony’s take on black/death here, the Polish unit bringing an undeniable technicality to the table. While at times dizzying, the rhythmic adroitness is always in furtherance of the song though. No wanking for the sake of wanking thankfully. Containing three tracks totalling fifteen minutes, it is the final seven-minute track ‘Time Sorceries’ that steals the show. An instrumental with tempo and riff changes galore, it shines the light on just how proficient these guys are on their instruments, but more importantly it crushes, while still being memorable. Simply one of the best tracks of 2018 to date.

Minor complaints can be raised about the kinda-generic death grunt vocals and the production job (the bass and vox are buried in the mix). However, the gut wrenching guitar/drum sound rules and the high-quality writing will make you pine for the full length that is to come. Heavy as iron, but twisting and swirling in demonic glee, this EP delivers forcefully. Big things should be expected from Voidceremony by the black/death community over the next year or two.


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