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ICE WAR - Ice War

Release date - Sep 29/17 (Shadow Kingdom)

Similar to Lucifer's Chalice's The Pact (another recent Shadow Kingdom label release), Ice War's eponymous debut sounds like an album recently found in a time capsule unearthed from the early eighties. The main reference point in this case would be the heady days of the NWOBHM, along with some allusions to early North American metal. Definitely devoid of any semblance of modernity whatsoever, simple head banging riffs with tons of sing-a-long choruses are the weapons of choice here. Best tracks would be the total headbang of "I Am The Prisoner", which lustily steals from Manowar's 'Gates Of Valhalla', and the relatively speedy 'Falling Out'.

However, the recording quality doesn't do the music much justice rendering it a little lightweight (rather than imbuing it with a throwback feel). Additionally, the vocal warblings are a tad weak coming across like a straining Steve Zodiac of Vardis fame. There's no problem with the intent (its quite obvious the band are coming at this honestly and earnestly), however, the band has a little work ahead of them if they are to elevate themselves in the future.


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