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(Hardcore Punk) ZYFILIS - Alla Ska Ha album review

Sometimes you just want to mainline some straight forward, over-the-top dbeat/hardcore punk for that visceral 'blows-back-your-hair' experience. One such album that meets and surpasses these needs is Zyfilis' Alla Ska Ha record, an album that is one of those unrelenting, off-the-rails releases that'll make you laugh out loud at the insane energy levels being expended.

The riffs here are hard as nails, Zyfilis' rhythm section laying down the law like they mean it, while sporadic lead guitar forays pin listeners to the back of their chairs. The highlight though has to be the vocal performance of Johanna who employs the megaphone-to-ear approach to singing, screaming admonishments while the band flail away underneath. Put this on your turntable and run head first into a wall. Brutal, bloody, ... brilliant.



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