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(Video Playlist) 2K URIAH HEEP - In 40 Minutes

Here again we have another example of a classic rock giant putting out some of their best records in the 2000s only to be ignored. We here at The Mighty Decibel want to correct this egregious error by shining the light on Uriah Heep's last four very worthy albums.

Note: And this doesn't even include tracks from the band's best 2K output ... the newly issued Chaos & Colour!!

Here's hoping this wakes all of you sleepers out there!



Side 1

Wake The Sleeper (2008)

(0:00) Wake The Sleeper

(3:42) Tears of the World

(8:29) Ghost of the Ocean

Into the Wild (2011)

(11:54) Into The Wild

(16:16) I Can See You

Side 2

Outsider (2014)

(20:31) The Outsider

(23:55) Can't Take That Away

Living The Dream (2018)

(28:50) Grazed By Heaven

(33:22) Take Away My Soul


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