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(Thrash) SODOM - Genesis XIX

Release date November 27, 2020 (Steamhammer) First generation German thrash masters Sodom return for their 16th full length release.  Bassist, vocalist and main man Tom Angelripper has an entirely new lineup with him since the band's last album in 2016.  Appearing on a Sodom album for the first time are Yorck Segatz (rhythm guitar) and Toni Markel (drums).  Returning to the fold is lead guitarist Frank "Blackfire" Gosdzik, who appeared on the classic Sodom releases Persecution Mania (1987) and Agent Orange (1989).  This is the first time Sodom have recorded as a quartet, rather than a three-piece, in their almost 40 year history. 

For those readers who are familiar with Sodom, this 12 song, 55 minute album offers the band's classic thrash sound that made them one of the Teutonic Big 4.  Angelripper's caustic vocals are on full display, as are his intense bass lines.  Segatz and Markel acquit themselves well in their first appearance, and Blackfire's blazing guitar work makes it sound like the three decades he spent away from Sodom never happened. 


Highlights include "Sodom & Gomorrah", "Euthanasia" "Indoctrination", and "Glock 'n' Roll" among many others.  The fast as light "Friendly Fire" sounds almost Slayer-like.  "Occult Perpetrator" is plodding and could use some more variation in tempo to avoid being tedious.  But really that song is the only point that could be vaguely described as weak.  The rest of this album is pure old-school trash of a quality that should be expected from one of the originators of the genre. 

Sodom have come up with another great effort to add to their legendary catalog.  Thrash lovers should be seeking this!



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