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(Podcast/Video) THE ROLLING STONES (For Metalheads) - In 40 Minutes

Considering the recent passing of drummer Charlie Watts, we here at The Mighty Decibel thought it appropriate to celebrate The Rolling Stones our way ... by focusing on their heaviest material!!

Consider this a 40-minute lesson for headbangers who have resisted the band's charms to this point (shame!).

We're gonna rip this joint with some rough justice!



Side 1

Sticky Fingers (1971)

(0:00) Bitch

Exile On Main St. (1972)

(3:39) Rocks Off

(8:21) Rip This Joint

Goats Head Soup (1973)

(10:44) Star, Star

It's Only Rock'N'Roll (1974)

(15:10) Dance Little Sister

Side 2

Some Girls (1980)

(19:21) When The Whip Comes Down

(23:42) Lies

(26:54) Respectable

Tattoo You (1981)

(30:01) Neighbors

Steel Wheels (1989)

(33:33) Hold Onto Your Hat

A Bigger Bang (2005)

(37:06) Rough Justice


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