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(Podcast/Video) HARDCORE PUNK NEW RELEASES - June/July 2022

It's time to revel in the new hardcore punk, d-beat, metal punk and grindcore releases issued from June and July 2022.

Grind 'til death!!!



(0:00) "Chopper, D-Beat and Satan"

PISONCHARGE - Choppers, D-Beat and Satan

(3:13) "Weaponized Mania"

YELLOWCAKE - Can You See The Future?

(4:23) "Dark Age"

IRONHAWK - Ritual of the Warpath

(8:23) "Nunca Se Esqueca Da Guerra" AGROTOXICO - XX

(12:13) "Dictocracy" HYBRIS - Viva Exploitation

(15:51) "Dead Future"

LOOSE NUKES - Dead Future

(17:21) "Blood On Your Hands"

DISCOMMAND - Kapitalismus und Todestrieb

(19:50) "Deadlifting Cadavers"

CHRIS BENOIT - The Eternal March Of The Dead

(21:25) "Ripped From Your Mind" THE SLIME - Living On Borrowed Slime

(22:44) "The Butcher"

REMAINS - Grind 'Til Death

(24:40) "Eat The Street"

PRIMAL BRAIN - It's Still All A Game

(20:50) "Verdict" CIMITERIUM - Cimiterium


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