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(Podcast/Video) HARDCORE PUNK NEW RELEASES - December21 and January22

Welcome to Hardcore Punk New Releases where this episode we'll be focusing in on December 2021 and January 2022 releases. The stream of quality d-beat, grind, crust, powerviolence, etc. discs recently begged for its own podcast series ... so here we are.

Grind it up!



(0:00) "Advertencia" + "Sociedad de Control"

INCENDIARIA - Demo Tape #1

(2:47) "Teledemocracja" + "Frustracja"

SMIERC - Paranoja

(6:45) "????"

ΦΟΡΜΟΛΗ - Surrendered To Doom

(12:12) "Endless Graves" + "Storms of Radiation" SIEGE FIRE - Storms of Radiation

(14:17) Turtle Rage side TURTLE RAGE - Turtle Pig Split EP

(18:22) "I Am Paty" + "Liberty"

SICKRECY - First World Anxiety

(22:42) "Endless Torture"

DISGOR - Neverending Grief

(24:50) "Afenths"

YAKUZA - Demo 2021


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