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(Podcast/Video) DOOM METAL NEW RELEASES - August/September 2022

It's Monday, so it's time for our NEW RELEASE MONDAYS podcast series.

This edition we're focusing on Doom Metal where we spotlight new and upcoming releases in doom metal/rock, including stoner of course. This episode we look at August and September 2022 releases.

We're all doomed!



(0:00) "Return To Salem's Gate"

EARLY MOODS - Early Moods

(5:34) "Saint"

GRACELESS - Chants From Purgatory

(10:23) "Ritual Queen"

DEATH CULT 69 - Ritual Queen

(14:27) "Twin Voyager"

DUNEEATER - Turned To Stone Chapter 5

(19:21) "Welcome To Hell"

GRIM COLOSSUS - Where Shadows Dwell

(24:15) "Proliferation"

SUBSUN - Parasite

(28:18) "Raven's Call"

SUPERNAUT - Soul Awaken


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