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(Podcast/Video) 2021 : THE YEAR IN EXTREME METAL - In 40 Minutes

Join The Mighty Decibel for our specially curated look (listen?) of the best in extreme metal for the year. Listen to the best thrash, black and death metal (along with its many incestuous variants!) of the year.

Thrash or be thrashed!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Unholy Libations": BLACK MASS - Feast At The Forbidden Tree

(4:35) "Blood of Sorceror": GORGON - Traditio Satanae

(7:15) "Ripping Metal": GRAVEDANCER - Ripping Metal

(10:33) "The Wrath of Typhon": CRAVEN IDOL - Forked Tongues

(14:27) "Alcoholic Blasphemy": SCHIZOGOAT - War, Pestilence and Sacrifice

(17:10) "Diabolical Intervention": VULTURE LORD - Desecration Rite

Side 2

(21:02) "Enter The Krypt": KRYPT - Enter The Krypt

(23:40) "Failing Trinity": DESASTER - Churches Without Saints

(27:05) "The Chase": KARABINER - Speedact

(30:56) "Alcoholic Brigade": HELLCRASH - Krucifix Invertor

(34:20) "Decay": DUNGEON SERPENT - World of Sorrows

(39:50) "Vampire's Kiss": ELECTROCUTIONER - 48 Hours 'Til Termination


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