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(Podcast/Video) 2021 : THE YEAR IN DOOM METAL - In 40 Minutes

Join The Mighty Decibel for our specially curated look (listen?) of the best in doom metal for the year. Listen along and have all your hopes and dreams, along with your skull, crushed!

We're all doomed!!!



Side 1

(0:00) "Earthrise": THE QUILL - Earthrise

(4:34) "Bending The Will": BLACK FLARE - Black Flare

(8:45) "Descent/March of the Ancient Queen": 10,000 YEARS - II

(14:30) "Apothecary": PARISH - God's Right Hand

Side 2

(18:03)"Old Gods Final": GREEN LUNG - Black Harvest

(22:00) "Bloody Countess": SERPENT COBRA - Beware

(26:24) "Until It Bleeds": THE WATCHER - Your Turn To Die

(31:56) "Seven Blades": HEX A.D. - Funeral Tango For Gods & Men

(37:10) "Eternal Thralldom": THRONEHAMMER - Incantation Rites


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