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(Podcast) 90s BAD RELIGION - In 40 Minutes

Melodic punk has a handful of bands that lead the way ... and Southern California's Bad Religion has to be considered one of those units. In action since 1982 with 17 albums to their name, there's a ton of music to choose from so we here at The Mighty Decibel have compiled the best 40 minutes of the band's recorded material from the 1990s, the band's best era.

Come join us - don't be incomplete and a part of the flat earth society!!!



Side 1

Against The Grain (1990)

(0:00) Modern Man

(1:53) Flat Earth Society

Generator (1992)

(4:14) Only Entertainment

Recipe For Hate (1993)

(7:23) Recipe For Hate

(9:24) Kerosene

(12:05) Lookin' In

(14:07) Skyscraper

Stranger Than Fiction (1994)

(16:43) Incomplete

Side 2

(19:11) Tiny Voices

The Gray Race (1996)

(21:48) The Gray Race

(23:54) Them and Us

(26:44) Parallel

(30:02) Ten In 2010

(32:22) Come Join Us

No Substance (1998)

(34:23) Hear It

(36:13) The Biggest Killer in American History

(38:28) All Fantastic Images


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