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(Playlist) WYTCH HAZEL - In 40 Minutes

Seems that us metalheads are inundated with all things Satan, so it's time for The Mighty Decibel to do its part and disseminate some white metal/hard rock to try to balance the playing field a bit.

And who better to turn to than UK Christian outfit Wytch Hazel for this task. For those who scoff at the idea of this type of fare, take a listen to this curated playlist of their best material over their four full lengths to date (including their masterpiece, III : Pentecost). Excellent old school hard rock/metal with references to Thin Lizzy in the dual guitar department and magnificent vocal melodies to sing along to.

Show us the way!!!

Side One

Prelude (2016)

(0:00) Wytch Hazel

(4:32) Fight

II : Sojourn(2018)

(8:29) The Devil Is Here

(12:12) Still We Fight

(16:52) Choral

Side 2

III : Pentecost (2020)

(19:44) He Is the Fight

(23:25) Spirit and Fire

(27:56) I Am Redeemed

IV : Sacrament (2023)

(31:45) A Thousand Years

(36:24) Future Is Gold

(40:05) Digging Deeper


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