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(Playlist) THE SOUNDTRACK TO 2023

We close out 2023 with our annual playlist highlighting the best metal/hard rock/punk/rock'n'roll tracks of the year.

Here's hoping for another great year in metal for 2024. Horns high!!!

Side 1

(0:00) "Blood, Bone and Fire": DESTRUCTOR - Blood, Bone and Fire

(4:07) "Torment": BODYFARM - Ultimate Abomination

(7:35) "No One Wins": BLOOD STAR - First Sighting

(10:11) "Sonic Rites of Rock'N'Roll": DOG ATTACK - Sonic Rites of Rock'N'Roll

(12:15)  "Golden Light": URIAH HEEP - Chaos & Colour

(17:22) "Uuden Ajan Tuhoon": VICTIMARUM - Demo 2023

(22:00) "Lolly Willows": BLOOD CEREMONY - The Old Ways Remain

(25:32) "Shake This Feelin'": LOVE GANG - Meanstreak

Side 2

(29:12) "Obsidian": BLESSED BLACK - Seasons: Vol. 1

(33:24) "End of Meaning": TYSTVAR - Tystvar

(34:35) "Keep Drippin' Down": DIAMOND DOGS - About the Hardest Nut To Crack

(37:34) "Gunnin' For You": DEATH RIDGE BOYS - Too Much Bullshit

(39:38) "Angel of Light": WYTCH HAZEL - IV:Sacrament

(44:29) "On Tenebrous Wings": SHAKMA - On Tenebrous Wings

(49:21) "Salvage What You Can of the Night": BLAZON RITE - Wild Rites and Ancient Songs

(53:59) "Hacked Humanity": EMISSARIES OF SYN - The Core Assumptions of Human Insecurity

(55:20) "Maxine (Witch Queen)": GREEN LUNG - This Heathen Land

(58:37) "Overpopulation": THE DOOMERS - Demo 2023


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