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(Playlist) TANK (82-84) - In 40 Minutes

Time for a quick history lesson. In 1982 Tank emerged in the middle of the NWOBHM with a cantankerous, street grimed debut entitled Filth Hounds of Hades ... which just happens to be one of the top releases from that scene. Later that same year they released the critically acclaimed Power of the Hunter, an album that lacked power and was a huge step down in this fan's mind.

The band corrected course in 1983 with the war themed This Means War, where the band turned more into a traditional metal unit, leaving the skid marks at the door. The following year, they issued the dead similar (and mighty fine be me!) Honour and Blood record.

The band's output deteriorated after this record, so this playlist is focused solely on their glory years (82-85).

Lend an ear and be ready for the shellshock!!!

Side One

Filth Hounds of Hades (1982)

(0:00) Shellshock

(3:10) Struck By Lightning

(6:19) Turn Your Head Around

(9:41) Filth Hounds of Hades

Power of the Hunter (1982)

(13:38) Walking Barefoot Over Glass

Side 2

This Means War (1983)

(19:16) This Means War

(24:35) Echoes of a Distant Battle

Honour and Blood (1984)

(29:36) Honour and Blood

(36:08) Too Tired To Wait For Love


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