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(Playlist) MOLLY HATCHET (Danny Joe Brown Era) - In 40 Minutes

When it comes to Southern rock, the first band that comes to The Mighty Decibel's mind is Molly Hatchet (with Blackfoot and ZZ Top coming in second and third, respectively). And most (if not all) fans of the Jacksonville, Florida unit would point to the albums featuring Danny Joe Brown at the mic as being the cream of the discography.

So here we are proud to present a playlist chock full of the best Danny Joe Brown-led Molly Hatchet tracks for your conspicuous consumption. (Could have easily made another representative and amazing 40 minute playlist given the preponderance of great material throughout this period, but that's for another day!)

Boogie no more? Hell no ... it ain't even close!!!

Side One

Molly Hatchet (1978)

(0:00) Bounty Hunter

(2:57) Gator Country

(6:17) Big Apple

Flirtin' With Disaster (1979)

(9:19) Whisky Man

(13:11) Boogie No More

(19:17) Let the Good Times Roll

Side 2

No Guts ... No Glory (1983)

(22:15) Ain't Even Close

(26:51) Sweet Dixie

(30:46) Kinda Like Love

The Deed Is Done (1984)

(34:56) Straight Shooter

Lightning Strikes Twice (1989)

(38:43) Take Miss Lucy Home


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