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(Playlist) MEGATON SWORD - In 40 Minutes

Time to don our battle armour in salute of Switzerland's answer to Manowar - Megaton Sword.

After three releases of epic true metal, Megaton Sword's discography is hefty enough to warrant the In 40 Minute treatment here at The Mighty Decibel.

Come enjoy the songs of victory - only cowards remain!!!

Niralet (2019)

(0:00) For Glory

(4:51) Pristine War

Blood Hails Steel - Steel Hails Fire (2020)

(9:25) Blood Hails Steel, Steel Hails Fire

(15:53) Wastrels

Side 2

(19:31) Songs of Victory

Might & Power (2023)

(23:39) The Raving Light of Day

(28:43) Cowards Remain

(32:57) Might


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