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(Playlist) LUCIFER'S FALL - Disband

The Mighty Decibel faves Lucifer's Fall announced via Bandcamp (Lucifer's Fall's Community | Lucifer's Fall ( that they are disbanding.

We raise a frosty mug of ale to the boys in the band for their top notch material that has rocked our stereo here The Mighty Decibel Central for the last few years. Here's hoping that we hear more from the members of the band, especially whoever the hell was responsible for those monolithic riffs and vocalist Deceiver, one of doom metal's best and unique vocalists.

Don't beleive me? Check out this playlist ... there's precious few bands that can match the 40 minutes of first rate doom that Lucifer's Fall deliver.

For one last time, in the immortal words of the band ... "Fuck you, we're Lucifer's Fall!"


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