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(Playlist) FACES - In 40 Minutes

If you're a fan of 70s Rolling Stones and haven't checked out albums by Faces from the same era, you are hereby ordered to listen to this curated set of the best of the band's four album discography.

Here, Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood (prior to joining the Stones) get together to generate some old school rock'n'roll done the right way.

Listen up and you'll have a real good time.

Side One

First Step (1970)

(0:00) Three Button Hand Me Down

Long Player (1971)

(5:45) Bad'N'Ruin

(11:10) Had Me A Real Good Time

A Nod Is As Good As A Wink (1971)

(17:03) Miss Judy's Farm

Side 2

(20:43) Stay With Me

(25:23) Too Bad

Ooh La La (1973)

(28:37) Silicone Grown

(31:45) Borstal Boys

(34:28) My Fault


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