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(Playlist) DESTRUCTOR - In 40 Minutes

Time to celebrate some old school power thrash from legendary American outfit Destructor.

Saddle up to the bar and take in the best material from the band's six albums scanning between 1985's Maximum Destruction and last year's Blood, Bone and Fire triumph.

Take command of your next 40 minutes and let the boys hammer some steel!!!

Side One

Maximum Destruction (1985)

(0:00) Take Command

(4:03) Pounding Evil

(7:58) Overdose

Sonic Bullet (2003)

(12:03) Sonic Bullet

Forever In Leather (2007)

(15:41) Tear Down the Heavens

Side 2

Back In Bondage (2016)

(21:12) Tornado

Decibel Casualties (2017)

(25:28) Restore Chaos

Blood, Bone and Fire (2023)

(29:35) Blood, Bone and Fire

(33:42) Hammering the Steel (3:31)

(37:10) The Calling (2:16)


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