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(Playlist) DEEP PURPLE (Morse-Era) - In 40 Minutes

Ah, Deep Purple the dinosaur band that refuses to die!

Today we curate 40 minutes of the best music from the latter Steve Morse-era. Sure, the material from this period can't be described as their best stuff, but take a listen to this set list and you'll have to agree that the band is still generating some very cool material late in their careers.

No Blackmore? Well it's nothing at all!

Side One

Perpendicular (1996)

(0:00) Cascades (I'm Not Your Lover)

(4:44) Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Abandon (1998)

(12:17) 69

Bananas (2003)

(17:38) Haunted

Side 2

Rapture of the Deep (2005)

(22:02) Clearly Quite Absurd

Now What?! (2013)

(27:28) Hell To Pay

Infinite (2017)

(31:09) Birds of Prey

Whoosh! (2020)

(36:56) Nothing At All


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