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(Playlist) BOMBARDEMENT - In 40 Minutes

The Mighty Decibel is proud to present a carefully curated 40-minute set of the best tracks from Bombardement's discography. The French heavyweights have four releases to their name

to choose from, all of which are cranium damaging affairs that are not for the tame (lame?) of heart.

Time to straighten that mohawk ... we're going to dive headlong into some of the best d-beat currently doing the rounds. Are you tough enough?

Note: Watch for an upcoming "Let's Meet" podcast/video where we'll be meeting members of the band ...

Side One

Demo (2016)

(0:00) Duped

(1:59) Birth Control

(3:41) I Want To See You Dead

(5:48) A Spell At The Stake

Bombardement (2019)

(8:06) Wheel of Destruction

(9:45) Silent Shadows

(12:07) Greed Prevails

(14:35) The Frantic Silence

(16:37) Turned Away

Side 2

EP (2020)

(18:25) Blood. Cash. Self Destruction.

(20:52) Summoning Flames

(22:39) My Own Satan

Le Future Et La (2022)

(25:28) Immondice

(27:31) L'Oeil Electrique

(30:31) Mille Morts

(32:35) Predateur

(34:35) Rends L'Argent

(36:20) Turbocrassier


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