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(Playlist) BLACKFOOT ('79-'83) - In 40 Minutes

It's time to celebrate the South here at The Mighty Decibel and what better way to do that than putting together a playlist of the very best of the mighty Blackfoot, focusing on their prime years ('79 to '83).

Make no mistake, the records the band put out during this era represent some of the very best southern rock albums ever produced.

The South will rise again!!!

Strikes (1979)

(0:00) Road Fever

(3:08) Train, Train (incl Prelude)

Tomcattin' (1980)

(6:45) Warped

(10:57) Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

(15:00) Fox Chase

Side 2

Marauder (1981)

(19:21) Good Morning

(22:59) Too Hard To Handle

(27:02) Rattlesnake Rock'N'Roller

Siogo (1983)

(31:04) Crossfire

(35:21) We're Goin' Down

(39:34) Drivin' Fool


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