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(Playlist) BATHORY (The Early Years) - In 40 Minutes

Black metal's first wave had a direct impact on the sub-genre as it progressed into the 90s and beyond, and there was no band of the first wave that was more influential than Bathory. The band's first three records will always remain as classics for the black metal hordes.

Here we curate a 40 minute set of the best material from the first three records for your listening pleasure.

Find out why Bathory will forever be considered in conspiracy with Satan!!

Side One

Bathory (1984)

(0:00) Hades

(2:45) Reaper

(5:30) Sacrifice

(8:47) In Conspiracy With Satan

(11:16) War

(13:32) Armageddon

The Return ... (1985)

(16:05) Bestial Lust

(18:43) Reap of Evil

Side 2

(22:05) The Return of Darkness and Evil

Under The Sign of the Black Mark (1987)

(26:01) Massacre

(28:39) Equimanthorn

(32:20) Chariots of Fire

(35:07) Of Doom ...

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